We're two divers that give a damn. We love the ocean and all of its inhabitants. The importance of protecting the ocean is visible on every single dive. We need to protect the ocean and we want to inspire others to help, because we believe that little by little, a little becomes a lot. 

Our Impact: 

Because we're serious about positively impacting the ocean, we know our operations must align with our mission. We’re committed to limiting our own environmental impact on the planet, so we’ve carefully sourced suppliers that share our values.

Zero Plastic Packaging:

Our packaging has been sourced from eco-friendly suppliers, and we’re proud to say that there is ZERO plastic in our packaging. Our mailers are made from 100% recycled material, are fully biodegradable, and are compostable. Our packing paper is made from 100% recycled kraft paper. Even our shipping labels are 100% compostable and made from recycled material. The inks we use are water-based and non-toxic.

Supporting Local & Sustainable Manufacturing:

Our tees and tanks are silk-screened at a local printer less than 5km from our headquarters. Supporting local businesses is important to us, and by sourcing local, we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint by avoiding shipping emissions and bulk packaging waste.

The garments are manufactured in an international facility that is committed to maintaining and upholding responsible workplace and environmental standards. The production and office facilities have received Platinum accreditation from WRAP (a globally recognized, independent 3rd party certifying body)WRAP certifications are awarded based upon both internationally and nationally accepted humane workplace standards, local laws, and ethical manufacturing regulations. WRAP principles include health and safety standards, and environmental and eco-friendly practices.