Have questions? We probably have answers! 

1. What currency are your prices listed in?

The prices shown are all in USD. 


2. How can I pay for my stuff?

Our website accepts major credit cards and PayPal.


3. How do you ship stuff?

We offer several shipping options. You can select your preferred shipping provider at checkout. Each package will have a tracking number (US, Canada and some international countries) that can be traced once you receive your shipment confirmation. 


4. What about returns or exchanges?

Check out our return and exchange policy here


5. How do I contact customer service?

Well, we don't have customer service people, because we're still a small company! However, you can reach the founders of The Dive Collective at info@thedivecollective.com and we'll get back to you within a day.


6. Do you have a retail location?

We don't have a retail location right now. Hopefully one day we will. And it'll probably be on a beach, next to a dive shop.