Our Misson

Our Mission:

Always positively impact the ocean.

We support non-profit ocean and marine life conservation efforts as part of #thecollectivecause. Each of our garments is centred around a need and will benefit a specific marine life conservation program.

Right now, $5 from every garment purchased will go directly to WildAid to support their anti-shark finning campaign. Tens of millions of sharks are killed every year for their fins. WildAid is campaigning to reduce shark fin consumption and to secure further restrictions on the global shark fin trade.

Future Vision:

We'll release new garments to raise funds and awareness for a subject or species every few months. As we expand our apparel line, you'll be able to choose a cause you feel passionate about supporting. You'll make a purchase knowing that your dollars go toward a specific initiative.

Coming soon: garments to benefit mantas, turtles, and coral reef conservation.